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Vipassana meditation course The 10 day rollercoaster

“One of you went for a cigarette just after arriving,” the man scanned the room for the culprit, his accusatory gaze following his pointing finger. “What will a person like that ever be able to achieve?” Not a lot, his dismissive hand gesture answered. “You are not here to enjoy yourselves with nicotine and whatnot!” He declared with incredulity at such a ridiculous notion. “You are not here for holiday camp he-he-ha-ha time! You are here to perform an operation.”

Inner space: the final frontier the cowgirl on the yoga mat

My very first email address was spacecowgirl. I wasn’t a big Jamiroquai fan so I think my reason for picking the name was actually more to do with liking the idea of being a cowgirl, in space, because I was 12 and, why the hell not? History backs this up because I did go on… Read more

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Cycling & wild camping Fuerteventura Day 7: I saw you on the road

I woke up cold in a wet tent. I ejected myself out the side door and into a red and pink world, the sunrise silently working its magic. My tent is so low that I have to remain almost horizontal whilst getting out and that morning I exited into a plank position, before doing squats… Read more