Travel and yoga are two of my greatest passions and this website started life as a travel / yoga blog.

I’m endlessly curious about the world, and just so happen to love the written word. Although it’s just my meanderings – my wonderings and wanderings – I hope that some of it will prove useful to other people in some way.

You can get in touch with me here to ask questions about yoga, travel, excessively long bike trips or any of the other things I write about – I’d be only too happy to help.

Yoga in the forest, Manali, India

Yoga in the forest, Manali, India

For those eager to know more…

I set off on my first exploration of the world at 18. Nervous, intrigued and excited, I had very little clue what I would find as I touched down in Darwin, Australia.

Darwin was a bit of an unusual starting point but it turned out the nomadic life was for me and I travelled and worked my way around Australia and Southeast Asia for the best part of two years.


Hiking the Colca Canyon, Peru

University intervened for a few fun and study filled years but after a stint working in the travel industry I was soon back out in Asia, teaching English in South Korea for a year before travelling on through Asia, New Zealand and South America.

Once back in England and working as an editor I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and was stopped in my nomadic tracks for a while… a few years in fact. It was a dramatic and all-encompassing burnout that left me physically exhausted with a whole host of physical symptoms.

After going through the usual medical channels and getting nowhere, I sought out healing further afield, looking to the holistic and finding great potential and power in the practices of yoga and meditation.

Gradually, with patience and persistence, these two practices transformed my life, empowering me, energising me and awakening me to a more integrated and satisfying way of life.

As I slowly recovered and my life began to expand again I went on my first yoga retreat, at Azulfit in Fuerteventura. I loved it so much I stayed and started to work for them. I stayed for two years, soaking up the sunshine, the wellbeing expertise, and the positive influence of likeminded people.

After a couple of years I was feeling much stronger and I was ready to explore some more. I went back on the road, travelling through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand, on a whole new journey with a whole new mission.

Tibetan prayer flags, Ladakh, India

Tibetan prayer flags, Ladakh, India

During my travels I studied yoga and Buddhist philosophy, meditated my way through a total of 40 days in silent retreat, attended the Dalai Lama’s teachings, did my yoga teacher training with Surinder Singh, hiked for weeks through the Himalayas, and exposed myself to the unrelenting challenges, beauty and calamity of travelling through Asia.

Returning home, I was ready to integrate what I have learnt, putting it into practice in everyday life, and to begin to share through this website.

I hope some of it resonates or helps to inspire something in you, and if it does, don’t forget to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you, and to share in your journey too.

Travel well and hope to see you on the road,