Cat Easterbrook

Yoga for every body – 5 common yoga myths, busted

There are still misconceptions that yoga is the domain of the young, fit and flexible. That you have to be really flexible to practise yoga is a particularly odd misconception.

yoga graffiti, manali, india

Yoga graffiti, Manali, India (nope, you don’t have to be able to do this to practice yoga…)

Increasing your natural range of flexibility is one of the reasons to practise yoga in the first place, so if you are really inflexible then you stand to gain a lot. It’s a reason to start yoga, not to avoid it!

Plenty of other misconceptions about who should and shouldn’t be practising yoga are out there, but thankfully, there are ever increasing waves of people getting into yoga and experiencing the benefits first hand.

I seem to be coming across more and more examples of this at the moment so thought I would gather a few of them together to bust a few myths and inspire a few of the yoga-curious-but-shy into giving it a go.

Myth 1: Yoga is for the young

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